The Perks Of Nipple Covers

There are so many reasons why to wear nipple covers – and you may find yourself using them for quite a few different reasons. They can be worn with or without a bra in a very discreet way, allowing you to feel a lot more comfortable.

Everyone should have nipple covers in a nude color. They are available in various colors to ensure they go with your skin tone as well as with the color of your bra.

If you have ever worn an outfit and then found that when the temperature got colder, your nipples stood out. You don’t always want to call attention to your breasts. It can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. There’s no way for that to happen when you’re wearing breast petals because it’s going to hide your nipple.

These are the easiest things to wear, and I find myself wearing them more often than not. Most of the covers are disposable. They stick to the skin with biological glue. Even though they use glue, they’re not uncomfortable in the slightest – and they don’t hurt when you take them off for the day.

When you take advantage of nipple pasties, they are waterproof, which allows you to swim, go to the gym, and do other things in them without having to worry about whether they are sliding down off of their intended position.

There’s never going to be a worry of a wardrobe malfunction when you are wearing these. Wearing a low cut dress without a bra and don’t want to think about the possibility of a nip slip? Having these breast petals over your nipple and areola will allow you to move around with more confidence so you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing something they shouldn’t see when you move around.

It doesn’t matter what you want to call these. Nipple covers are a must for all women, regardless of breast size. You don’t want people to see a slip and you certainly don’t want to announce to the world that you are cold. This is the solution that will keep your private parts private so no one can give you grief.

Having a few sets of these can be the ultimate way to boost your self-confidence when wearing something sexy without a bra or when you are wearing something sheer with a bra that doesn’t have a lot of padding. Whatever the scenario, having breast petals on can put a smile on your face and allow you to move around without any kind of panic or embarrassing moment. It’s a great way to be able to be yourself and look great at the same time. Best of all, no one will ever know that you’re wearing them.

Ardyss Body Magic

Slim yourself in Shapewear

Sometimes when you look at the mirror, whether you’re dressed for a casual hangout or an especial occasion, you can see those little bulges emerging from your body and being way too noticeable over clothes, wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of those unappealing lumps? Well don’t lose your hopes, there’s quite an effective and simple solution to it. A shapewear! It’s all you need, it will smooth any bulge of your body making you look slimmer and fabulous, but there are more benefits on using a shapewear, your body not only will look immediately better but its use on a regular basis will actually shape your body the way you want to. There’s a great variety of shapewears on the market, they vary on styles, material content and functionality; if what you need is to reduce you waist size there are waist cinchers, these usually apply high compression on your torso to achieve the body shape you desire, you can also find them made of soft fabric if you prefer a softer and more comfy experience; but if you are in need of more support on other parts of your body apart from your torso, you can get yourself a long leg or a full body shaper, they are truly amazing since they don’t let anything out, they keep everything under control and no one would notice you have it under your clothes, they also shape your body and you can even find some special garments that prevents cellulitis or even some post-partum garments that heal your scars while keeping control and shaping your body. You can find these here.

If you’re looking for an immediate effect for any special occasion or whenever you are using a very tight outfit, what you need is a control slip, these are usually seamless in order to be invisible under any elegant or casual outfit, they shape and slim your body and are really helpful when it comes to dresses, a control slip is definitely a must-have in your closet, it makes your body figure look stunning and more appealing when you need it the most.

As you can see finding a shapewear that covers all your needs it’s not that hard because of the huge variety they have to offer on the market, even when it comes to colors you can pick whichever works better for you, the most popular colors are black and nude, I personally prefer high compression garments in nude color, in case I need to use it under more revealing clothes, have you ever try a shapewear? If you haven’t I invite you to, it’s a great way to keep your body in control, especially if you have an office work like me, staying sit for long time can ruin your figure, so why not give it a try?

Bra Inserts – Instant Implants

Women have had a love affair with different types of fashion for centuries. One that is still around today that many people actually do still use is the silicone bra insert. They also can go by the name of the “chicken cutlet”, but whatever they are called, you really are using them for one purpose and that is to get the best cleavage you can, without actually needing to get permanent implants. Women in all professions can use them, and they do not even need a reason, anymore than to just make themselves feel good and maybe give them something they do not have naturally.
The idea behind a bra insert is to push up the breast and add ample cleavage to the chest area with little to no effort. The desire to have a much defined cleavage has been something that women have been going after for many years. That is why they spend money to have implants inserted to have the look without any effort. The problem is though, those are expensive, and sometimes, you want a look that is temporary, or that you can change on a whim whenever you want to. That is where the ease of having the bra insert comes into play.

The silicone breast enhancers are small oval shaped pieces of a slightly padded silicone. They look a bit like a chicken breast, hence the nickname “chicken cutlet”. They will slide into the bra, almost cupping the real breast, which will push it up and inward, thus making the deep cleavage affect. Often, women will then wear lower cut shirts and dresses to show this off. It certainly is easier than going into surgery and spending the money on a procedure you may not want in the future. With the inserts, they are a quick fix you can use whenever you want.
Whether you have used bra inserts before or not, you can agree that they are easy to use and can give a desired took, no matter who it is that is wearing them. They have been around long enough to have a fan base and they will most likely stay around in the future, unless the idea of push up bras and deep cleavage goes away. If you have never tired them, but you are looking of something to try for a special occasion, such as a formal event, they are a great way of giving you a special look for just one night.

Anita Sports Bras – Maximum Support – Best Rated

Today we’re going extremely active with three amazing sports-bras from Anita’s brand that deserved to be on the spotlight, these work out bras have been positively reviewed and rated by customers all over the Internet, so for today’s entry I’ve decided to take a closer look at them and the features they have to offer.

Let’s start with the most popular Anita’s Control Wire-Free Sports Bra style 5527 made with mesh panels at back to keep the skin dry, features side support in order to enhance the shape of breast, all of this without any wires in it, which feels great and super comfy, its straps have been designed to adapt to your body, so your shoulder won’t be hurt from all the weigh of the breast, its inner cups are seamless and moulded double layered making it look natural shaped under clothes, it came in a beautiful variety of colors which is a plus, they’re gorgeous.

Next one is Anita’s Momentum Sports Bra style 5529, this classic style preserves the breathable mesh at back, and their cups are seamlessly shaped, also work as minimizer; features seamless cups and back adjustable comfy straps, is lightweight and make the breast look more appealing instead of uni-boob, so it looks pretty good.

Let’s move on to Anita’s Momentum Underwire Sports Bra style 5519, using breathable high-tech fabrics and net at back, this bra has been designed with flexible underwires and seamless double layered cups to keep you safe during exercise and at the same time enhances your cleavage, their straps are incredibly comfortable prevent strain on shoulder and neck plus are adjustable at back and it looks great under clothes, maybe among these three is the less supportive, but it still holds tightly, so you can make yourself an idea of their support

All three of them have been created having on mind the importance of the maximum support when it comes to extreme work out or “high impact” activities that requires more movement and direct force on the body like running, riding, gymnastics and contact sports, I really like them and found them to be great at support, still a little movement though, but I don’t think there’s a sports bra that actually don’t move at all at least not without hurting badly, so these three work perfect for me, they give me comfort and support while skin remains dry and looks great, they can even be used on a daily basis, which I read in other reviews and I’m not the only one who use these styles as regular bras, there’s people who uses it even when going to sleep, but I prefer a loosely soft cup for that. So getting back on track what do you think, have you tried any of these? Do they work for you?

Affinitas Intimates Cupcake Panties

Cupcake Panty by Affinitas Intimates

Hi there! Today I’m here to share the wonderful gift Affinitas has created for all the lingerie customers out there, including myself; Cupcake Panty brand has been already a little more than a year on the market and even with all the crazy competition, has managed to make its own way through competitors on underwear’s market, all the products they offer come in a cute package called Baker’s box that includes three pantys, each one into another little cute box that resemble a cupcake with the color of the panty inside, isn’t it adorable?! Cupcake Panty by Affinitas has currently a total of 10 available products, which we’ll be talking about next.

Cupcake panty appeared on 2014 to take over the lingerie world with its singular cute packaging and style; their products vary between hipster, bikini and thong panties that can only be bought by a package of 3, each package it’s perfectly combined and linked one to another through colors, but I must warn you that these cupcakes can be addictive, once you have one, you want them all!  Hipster panties are presented on some basic colors as black, nude and white; and also offers some fashion colors as fuchsia rose, ice green and fiery red in one package; purple wine, butterfly print and pink fuchsia o another and the last package, available since June of this year, comes in colors as flamingo pink, blue and turquoise, this last package seems to be a little different, a bit more discreet than other hipster packages.

When it come to thongs the brand has carried three packages since its very beginning, one package of basic colors and two more with fashion colors as tropical green, navy blue, sachet pink, powder blue, zebra print and dot print, with the release of new products on June of this year, a new package of thongs also made its appearance, this one differences itself of the others by being a low-rise thong that also comes themed with animal print in colors as purple, pink and brown, this one really caught my attention with its unique design.

For bikinis the brand offers two choices, both new since were released only this past June, they come in the basic colors, that have been previously mentioned, and a fashion color package with beautiful mixed colors as purple, fuchsia rose and lilac. Most of them are made with nylon and spandex and only one hipster panty package is made of cotton and spandex, hipster and bikini panties come in sizes from S to XL while thongs and cotton hipster panty come in sizes from S to L, they are really comfy, cute and elegant, each one of them features lace details and a little bow at front that are the cherry on top, I love everything about these cupcakes, so I invite you to go and treat yourself with a Baker’s box from Cupcake Panty!

Womens Fashion Shoulder Pads

Women’s Shoulder Pads

Back in the 1980s, women’s fashion was big, loud, and often times very colorful. There were patterns, acid wash jeans, and famously, big foam shoulder pads. They were found in dresses, jackets, sweaters, and more. Anyone who was anyone wanted to have a sweater with the shoulder pads to fill out the silhouette that was wanted, and that was quite popular in that day and age.

Thanks to television stars and certain shows, the height of the shoulder pad was important and the higher they were, the more popular you were. But, in recent years, there has been a resurgence of them in fashion.
In the beginning, women’s shoulder pads were made of foam and often they were sewn into the jackets, sweaters, or sleeved dresses. It was not uncommon to see some even make an appearance in wedding dresses. Big sleeves were popular and having the right shoulder pads gave you the look that you wanted. Sometimes, depending on the shirt style, some shoulder pads were given Velcro so the wearer could add more into the shirt, depending on how high they wanted them.
They went out of style in the 1990s. Women’s foam shoulder pads were seen as out of date and no longer were they wanted in any sweater or dress. It wasn’t until the late 2000s, early 2010s that some runway models started wearing shoulder pads in the clothes they were modeling down the runway. Designers were adding them into clothes again, either for nostalgia, or for resurgence, one cannot say. In the early 2010s, some celebrities, like Rihanna and Lady Gaga were seen wearing them in certain wardrobe looks that they had. Though they were not the same style as the 1980s, more angular and stuck out away from the body more, they were unmistakably shoulder pads.
Will they catch on in this day and age? The answer is probably no. Women still are looking for a slim silhouette and most likely are not looking to go back to the world of 80s shoulder pads made of foam. They were short lived, but they did indeed have a good run. To this day, when people see pictures of the style from then, or ask about them, it is undeniably always going to circle around to a conversation of nostalgia and plenty of demonstrations as how they were put into shirts. And that is really what fashion is all about.

Parfait: Kitty Collection

Hi there! These past days I’ve been looking for underwear on Internet and I’ve got to say that I’ve fallen completely for the new collection “Kitty” of Parfait. As soon as I saw this one, it caught my eye, its design is exquisite while the colors are so classy and vivid at the same time, so I felt like talking a little bit about the features the whole collection brings, so you can understand why I love them!

Let’s start! Kitty Collection includes a padded bra, an unlined wire bra, an underwire babydoll, a hipster panty and finally a Brazilian thong; of course they are also sold individually, this collection offers two colors Black and Black/ Red, which in my opinion is kind of a bright pink or even magenta, but anyway it’s beautiful; the black one is classy and elegant, while black/red looks more jovial and cheerful. Kitty bras features U-back, two wide straps that can be adjustable at back, where the band is wide and firm enough to keep everything in control at both sides, the padded bra is full cup and covers to the top of the breast while unlined bra has a half moon shape and the top cup is covered by beautiful dotted organza.

For panties “Kitty” brings a hipster panty, which only covers completely at front panel and it’s made of organza at sides and back of the panty, also depending on the color you choose, the front panel can be black or “red” (magenta) if you want some contrast, looks amazing and it’s really comfortable and fresh. For Brazilian thong the design is somehow similar but the front panel only covers at the lowest part of the panty and the rest it’s made of organza, though it’s a little more revealing it’s still discreet enough and gorgeous.

And now, last but not least the wonderful “Kitty” Babydoll offers the support of any bra, since is underwire and even has a straight bra back, the straps are adjustable and when it comes to design, all of it it’s made of beautiful dotted organza with exception of the half moon shaped lower cup, it’s fresh and can be matched with any panty of its collection.

To conclude, I bet these collection will give a lot to talk about since it’s really attractive, classy and comfortable, all in one, in my humble opinion is a must-have from parfait, I highlighted “Kitty” because is the one I’m picking as my favorite among all of the new collections, but I must say there are other collections that I really liked, the one I can recall right now is “Destiny”, so if you weren’t convinced by “Kitty” (I don’t know how, probably my fault) I invite you to check all the new collections Parfait has to offer, they are truly wonderful and you can go and check it for yourself even from the comfort of your home. Have fun!

No Butt? No Bust? No Problem

It’s a fact that we all constantly find ourselves being way too conscious with the way we look, we all have flaws therefore have insecurities in a world that’s constantly pushing us to follow an ideal type of body, which most of us don’t have. Nowadays it’s very popular to draw on plastic surgery to fix the flaws of our bodies in order to make them look similar to the ideal, nevertheless is well-known that surgery can be painful and risky, not to speak of cost, plastic surgery procedures can be way too expensive and not everyone can afford it; and that’s why; for today’s entry I’m bringing some effective affordable and painless options to solve two of the most common insecurities on women: the lack of volume in the buttocks or the bust. So if you’re struggling with one or both of these problems, don’t fear because there are a few methods you can try. Let’s start!

Padded panties
These panties are back cushioned, and even some also come cushioned at sides in order to give more volume in the hips, you just have to put these panties on and you’ll see immediately how it enhances the buttocks giving the look you desire. You can find the padded panties in a great variety of styles and materials, from silicone to foam and more; most of them are also invisible under clothing, you can use it anytime and everywhere to look good and full of confidence whenever you want to.

Padded Bras and Push-up Bras
The padded bras are specially made to increase the appearance of the chest, this type of bra include padding, as it name implies, the padding material can vary, some are made with gel or even water, so you’ll have a great variety to pick the one of your preference. If you not only want to increase the size of your breast but also want them to have a firm enhanced appearance what you need is a push-up bra which lift up the breast while making them look bigger. Both options are great and neither of them can be noticed under clothes by the naked eye, they look just like any other bra on the outside, so you can wear it without worries.

Now that you know the features that these amazing options have to offer, I bet you’ve notice that there’s no need to go under knife to achieve that desirable look, you can find the padding panties, padding bras and push-up bras in most of the intimates stores. Come on! Now it’s your turn to give it a try, you’ll se that once you buy it and get used to it, you won’t go out without it.